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Unblocking Drains Using a Roto Rooter

If you are having plumbing problems and attempts at clearing blocked drains are causing frustration in your home, a Roto-Rooter may be a good solution on how to unblock a drain. Roto-Rooters can be rented from local retailers or you may choose to have a professional do the work for you. If you do need help, call the Best Perth Plumbers at (08) 6311 4067 for help any time you need it.

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Toilet Clogs

If using a flanged plunger doesn’t fix your clogged toilet, open the back and make sure the flapper is pushed down. This will ensure water enters the reservoir on the back of the toilet and not the bowl. If water continues to run out of the toilet, locate and turn the shut off valve behind the toilet. Once water has stopped running, you can try and use an auger or Roto-Rooter to remove the clog.

Clearing Blocked Drains in the Shower

Over a period of time, hair and soap may build up and will eventually cause blocked drains in the shower. A Roto-Rooter is one of the plumbing tools professionals tend to use when clearing up blocked drains. Simply insert the snake into the drain and continue to give the snake slack until you reach an obstruction. Be sure to wear gloves before turning the Rotor-Rooter on.

Clearing Blocked Drains in the Sink

Toothpaste, hair, soap, mildew and who knows what else can cause a bathroom sink to clog. Kitchen drains tend to become clogged due to grease build up, food particles, and other materials. A Roto-Rooter can often help in unclogging drains in no time. Although there are chemicals available in retail stores to be utilized in clearing blocked drains, these products are not guaranteed to properly clear up every obstruction.

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If you’re struggling to unblock drains or clear up clogged toilets, contact a quality plumber today to get the job done right. Using a Roto-Rooter is a great way to fix many of these problems, but a plumber has a myriad of plumbing tools at his disposal to tackle virtually any issue you can imagine. Call the Best Perth Plumbers in today  at (08) 6311 4067 to get fast help clearing blocked drains in your Perth home, sinks or clogged toilets fast.

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