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Gas Hot Water Systems

When your hot water system goes- whether with a bang or whimper, or even a flood. It tends to go rather suddenly. At that point, you don’t get to have the luxury of carefully reviewing all of the available options (unless you don’t mind ice cold showers). So you get a replacement of the same type wheeled in ASAP and blissfully forget about the whole ordeal until next time.

However, water heating can account for a quarter of typical household energy use. So it is worth reviewing your hot water usage before your current system dies. Plus while checking out the alternatives you may find out about a system that saves energy and money, while being kinder to the environment. Best Plumbers Perth are experienced in installing every type of gas hot water system out there.


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Best Plumbers Perth technicians are also professional and licensed gas plumbers. We are able to repair or replace your when ever you need us to, 24hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays; our plumbers are available for you. All of our vehicles carry an array of hot water heater replacement parts. This means we won’t have to leave your home to get the required parts your hot water system needs to be working again.

Our trained plumbers know how to handle all kinds of hot water system repairs whether it’s electric or gas. We are also excellent at replacing your out of commission hot water heating unit.

What is a gas hot water system?

A gas hot water system is a standard hot water system that uses gas to heat the water. Gas hot water systems have a pilot light, where electric systems do not. Simply put, gas water heaters heat your water by burning either LPG or natural gas depending on the type of system. The heater will exhaust the produces heat into dwelling space, thus providing you with the hot water for your shower.

There are a few options for the kind of water heater you can get.

  • Conventional tank water heaters store constantly heated water. The good thing about these is that they are pretty economical, they can be stored in closets, basements or garages. Their capacity can range anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons. The downside, however is that their efficiency can vary quite a bit between models and brands.
  • Tankless water heaters work by heating the cold water with a gas burner as it passes through the water heating system. The good factors to these are; it can hang on walls, freeing up floor space. They reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%, and they’re and excellent option for residences that are occupied part-time.

Why should you choose a gas water heating system?

Gas water heating systems are becoming more and more popular. When you compare gas to electric hot water systems, there are much less environmental effects while using a gas system, as well as the cost to run a gas system over an electric is much cheaper. Gas water systems also tend to heat the water faster and more effectively that electric systems do. Gas water heaters only need a relatively small tank, as gas is available 24 hours a day, this means that any heat that is lost can be replaced quickly.


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Our technicians are used to a variety of brands and models of water heating systems, and can recommend a system that will work with the needs of you, and your family or business. However, if you have a brand and model in mind we can order and install that for you as well!

If you need a gas water heater repaired or replaced we are the ones to do it. Give Best Plumbers Perth a call today.


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