What to do with a Leaking Toilet

When  you have a leaking toilet, it may not seem like a big deal but if it is left without being fixed there could be definite consequences. If a damaged toilet is left unfixed, it could lead to flooding and water damage.  Most causes of a leaking toilet are not that hard to fix on your own. Following these steps will ensure that you to fix your toilet so it will work properly once again:

  1. Know how a toilet works
  2. Simple ways fix a leak
  3. Know what can cause leaks in your toilet

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How A Toilet Works?

toiletThe first step on how to fix a leaking toilet is you need to know how your toilet works. When you push down on the handle, look inside of the tank and watch what happens. There is a chain that lifts a part called the flapper, which lets the water in the toilet tank go through the now exposed opening in the bottom of the tank, into the toilet bowl. As the water level lowers, the flapper drops which causes the opening to close. A plastic float device is designed to drop as the water drains. The float is attached to a valve that lets water into the tank when the float is at the bottom of the tank and it should stop when the float rises up to the top of the tank. Towards the center of the toilets tank, is a tube allows the water to drain out into the toilet bowl if the water level rises too high.

How To Fix A Leak?

toilet repair plumbers perthTo start fixing your broken toilet, it is best to catch leaks happening. If the toilet hasn’t stopped running after a decent amount of time, take a look into the tank. Check to see if the flapper is closed properly; if the tank isn’t filling with water, the flapper is most likely stuck open. You’re going to need to reach into the bottom of the tank and secure it closed. If the flapper doesn’t close after a few tries, and try check the chain the flapper is attached too. If it is stuck for any reason, fix it and then to prevent future tangles, you can try sliding the chain through a soda straw. Doing this keeps the chain from being a problem in the future. Another solution is to see if the chain is too long; you can always make adjustments to shorten the chain to the right length.

If the flapper and chain seem to be functioning, then your next step is to check that the water is at the right level. If it isn’t at the right level check to make sure the refill valve and the float are in the right place. If they aren’t try adjusting the float, to do this, gently lift the float up with your hand. If this halts the flow of water, you then need to adjust the float level so the toilet tank stops filling up before the water level can reach up to within an inch of the top of the overflow tube. If there is too much water in the tank, it then builds up extra pressure, which can result in water leaking through the flapper into the toilet bowl.

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What Can Cause Leaks in Your Toilet?

plumber perth repair leaking toilet For a leaking toilet, it’s best to know what specific things can cause leaks and how to do leak detection Perth. If the float device is waterlogged it can cause an overflow, even if the valve is working correctly. Check to make sure the float doesn’t have a leak in it or has water in it. If you find water inside the float you will need to replace it. If the ball shaped valve and it’s assembly has lime scale on it you can attempt to clean it, it doesn’t take long and is definitely worth it. If you have taken the ball shaped valve out and you can’t get it to come apart to gain access to the washers it is probably the lime scale keeping it together. If your toilet is still giving you problems, it might be time to contact a professional plumber.

When you have a leaking toilet, there is some key information for you to know about getting to know your toilet, how to fix leaks when they happen and a few specific things that can cause leaks. Now when you get a leak in your toilet, you have information that will help you out.


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