Leak Detection

The Importance of Plumbing Leak Detection

Leak detection in gas lines or plumbing pipes is very important for a variety of reasons. The potential safety hazards caused by plumbing or gas leaks are significant and having regular inspections conducted is highly recommended. The fumes emitted from gas leaks are especially dangerous because C02 and other dangerous gases are completely odourless. The potential for a fire to be ignited from a gas leak is another danger that could be easily alleviated with having gas lines evaluated on a regular basis. Plumbing infrastructures, too, should be inspected for leaks as standing water can contribute to the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses and a variety of unwanted pests. To receive the help you urgently need right now, contact the Emergency Plumbers to perform leak detection Perth in your plumbing pipes or gas lines.


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Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks of any kind pose a serious health risk and it’s best to having gas pipes inspected for leaks once a year. For commercial and residential areas alike, it’s vital to ensure the gas pipes are in safe working order. At home, family and pets can develop serious health conditions from being subjected to noxious fumes. Businesses also would not do well if customers continued to complain of headaches cause by odourless C02 leaks in gas pipes.

Plumbing Leak Detection

Standing water or excess moisture produced by old or damaged plumbing pipes can cause damage to any building while also attracting unhealthy mould and various pests such as insects or rodents. Plumbing leaks may also increase the moisture content of any environment which helps in spreading viruses and bacteria. The end result of plumbing leaks that have been left ignored can be catastrophic, so leak detection and preventative maintenance is always recommended.

Leaky Pipe Repair & Replacement

Leaking plumbing pipes can cause significant damage to any home or businesses infrastructure, not to mention the open invitation for mould, bacteria and viruses to thrive. The environment where plumbing pipes are located is a perfect place for hazardous organisms to thrive, especially if there is plenty of moisture available. By fixing leaky pipes or replacing damaged pipes altogether, it’s much easier to discourage the growth of mould or bacteria, along with the presence of unwanted pests. Leak detection in any plumbing system is crucial to preserve the value of a home or business while also preventing the growth of unhealthy contaminants.


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If you need help with leak detection in gas pipes or your plumbing, call the Emergency Plumbers right now and get the issues addressed in a few hours, not a few days. Our professionals work around the clock, and even on holidays, to maintain our reputation as local leaders in all things plumbing from fixing shower leaks to installation of hot water system. Every job, big or small, can be handled by our team. The Emergency Plumbers are experts in leak detection and will work around your schedule, not ours.


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