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Backflow occurs when chemicals, pesticides or byproducts of industry finds its way into potable drinking water through the reverse flow of plumbing pipes. Backflow prevention is possibly the most important commercial plumbing service to have completed. It’s so important in fact that installing backflow prevention devices have become the law. A fine of $2,000 or more can be applied to any commercial establishment that fails to install, inspect and maintain a certified backflow prevention device. If you need to protect your business, employees and patrons from the health risks that backflow can pose, call the Best Perth Plumbers today at (08) 6311 4056 and we’ll get the job done in no time at all.

Where Backflow Prevention is Essential

All businesses and properties in WA are under legal obligation to protect potable drinking sources from possible backflow. Failure to maintain proper backflow prevention may allow harmful chemicals or undesirable contaminants to seep into fresh water sources and pose a potential health risk. Commercial properties should be especially aware of the risks associated with backflow. Coffee houses, food service establishments, spas and public swimming pools are all examples of places which should have backflow prevention devices installed. Not only is backflow prevention the law in WA, it’s simply a logical prophylactic to prevent possible issues from occurring in the future.

Protect Your Business from Backflow

The Best Perth Plumbers have access to all the best backflow prevention devices on the market today and are experienced with installing them in a manner compliant with Australian law. Don’t wait for backflow to occur and shut down your business before doing something about it. Let the Best Perth Plumbers visit your establishment and install backflow prevention devices. A backflow prevention device should be inspected at least once a year following installation which our licensed Emergency Plumbers can do for you. Since backflow issues can pose such a health risk to the public, hefty fines can be applied to any individual or business which does not comply with WA law.

Fast, Professional Backflow Prevention

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Before backflow ever has a chance to occur, contact our team of professionals today and get fast, efficient backflow prevention services. The Best Perth Plumbers are known for getting the job done right in a very short time frame, so if you’re in a hurry, we can certainly accommodate. Simply call (08) 6311 4056 today and we can be there in a flash. The Best Perth Plumbers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that includes holidays. Don’t hesitate to phone us the moment you encounter any plumbing issues or have recently acquired a commercial property that requires backflow prevention.

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