Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water System Repairs Perth

At Best Plumbers Perth we can help with all your hot water system repairs. We fix a wide range of water systems including Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems.

Our qualified and experienced Perth plumbers and gas fitters provide emergency hot water repairs for both domestic and commercial clients. Better yet, we’re ready to come to your place at any time of day or night, no matter the weather. If you have a problem with your hot water system, call us now on (08) 7099 0536.


Hotline: (08) 7099 0536


Hot Water Repair Service

Our fully qualified hot water plumbers will give you honest, expert advice on how to resolve your hot water problem, as cost-effectively as possible. They will also assess the overall age and condition of your entire water unit and advise a water servicing plan that will provide maximum efficiency and unit service life, so you don’t have to worry about this for years to come.

And as our service vans contain all of the equipment a spare parts most hot water system repairs require, we are usually able to fix hot water system issues during our first. And even if it should happen that we can’t, we will see to it that an emergency hot water system is set up in your home in the meantime, so you never need to worry about taking a cold shower. Just give us a call!

The reason you’re not getting hot water could really be quite simple—one of the most popular causes of hot water heater failure is blocked pilot tubes, and it’s often often find spider webs blocking gas flow. Other common issues are blocked line strainers, faulty solenoids and faulty ignition packs, as well as thermocouples, which ensure the gas is only switched on when needed, when not replaced periodically.


Hotline: (08) 7099 0536


Replacement Hot Water Systems

If after a thorough examination we decide that your hot water system is beyond repair, you still have no reason to worry about having to go without hot water for any extended period of time. We stock a range of replacement gas and electric hot water systems,  so the replacement will happen as soon as we can get the new hot water system to your house, and we always reduce that time to the minimum. In fact, we can often do same day system replacement, but if our suppliers are closed because of a bank holiday or some other reason, we can hook you up with an emergency hot water system for the time being and then return to install your new system after our suppliers have reopened.

Electrician work and tempering valve installation

Hot water tempering valves are an integral part of your hot water service, as they mix hot water with cold automatically in order for you to achieve a both desired and safe water temperature. Our plumbers are appropriately licensed to install all types and sizes of hot water tempering valves, along with relief valves and cold water isolation valves.

If electrical work should turn out to be required, rest assured knowing we work closely with our approved electricians to make sure that all delicate electrical work is carried out safely.

No matter if you’re experiencing hot water issues in your home, or in your business, contact us now for fast professional emergency hot water repairs. For our part, we guarantee a fast response and professional, comprehensive hot water repairs and hot water unit replacement. Don’t wait till tomorrow to take that shower, call us now!


Hotline: (08) 7099 0536


Please call our 24-hour emergency hotline number if you have any plumbing emergencies.
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