How to Select the Right Commercial Hot Water System

Considering how 15-30% of commercial heating costs can be attributed to water heating, it makes sense for any commercial business to look for ways to reduce overhead costs. If you’re opening a new commercial property or would simply like to save money at your current business, evaluating the various commercial hot water systems available before making a selection can make a big difference on the bottom line. If you have questions about what hot water systems Perth may work best for your business, call the Best Perth Plumbers today at (08) 6311 4056 for expert advice.


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Conventional Gas Hot Water System

These common hot water systems work by pulling hot water from the top of the tank. Cold water is then pulled into the bottom of the tank to ensure it’s always full. Although this ensures that there is plenty of hot water available at any time, standby energy loss is a common problem. Standby energy loss occurs because the tank is being heated at all times, even when no faucets are running. If you currently how a gas hot water tank and believe it’s costing you too much money, you may want to select an alternative. On the other hand, there are many more energy efficient gas hot water systems available on the market today that may be right for you.

Electric Hot Water System

Relying on heating elements to create hot water instead of a burner beneath the tank, most electric hot water systems are much more efficient than their gas counterparts. Electric hot water tanks can also be easily insulated from top to bottom to help reduce standby energy loss. If you’re looking to reduce your water usage and save some money, an electric hot water system is certainly an option.

Tankless Hot Water

Depending on the amount of hot water your business requires on a daily basis, a tankless hot water system may be the solution you’ve been looking for. A tankless hot water system doesn’t retain water on a continual basis so standby energy loss is pretty much a non-issue. On the other hand, since water is only heated as needed, this may not be the best choice for a business that requires a great deal of continuous hot water working from several faucets at once. If the business you run does not rely on a consistent supply of hot water, this may be the commercial hot water system you’re looking for.

Solar Hot Water

By far the most efficient, a solar hot water system extracts free energy from the sun to create heat. Although the initial investment cost may be higher than some other commercial hot water systems, this money can be easily earned back in savings over a relatively short period of time. If you’ve decided on this type of hot water system, contact Best Plumbers Perth for your solar hot water system installation.


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If you have any questions regarding commercial hot water systems or need a plumbing contractor to perform an installation, call the Best Perth Plumbers at (08) 6311 4056 for 24/7 service. We can help you select the perfect commercial hot water system for you and have it installed in not time!