How to Repair Hot Water Boiler

If you have a heating system in your home, it includes a radiator and a boiler. One day you may find your boiler not working or starting to act up and you wonder to yourself about how to fix a boiler,  Well your research is over. The information below will answer your questions about this problem. The information below will cover how a boiler works, how to identify a hot water boiler, and how to fix a boiler.

  1. How does a hot water boiler work?
  2. Identifying a hot water boiler problems
  3. steps to fixing a hot water boiler


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How Does A Hot Water Boiler Work?

Knowing how a system works can definitely help with hot water repair. A hot water heater system includes a boiler that is designed to only heat water. There are various pipes that spreads out the water. The radiator is the part that heats the rooms in your household. A hot water system and a steam heater system uses the same kind of boiler. The boiler will have a guage on it that lets you find out what the water pressure in the radiators, and shows a pressure that will let you see if the boiler needs more water or if it is starting to not work. Most systems have another tank that must be charged with air correctly to stop the water in the boiler from boiling. It has a valve connected to the boiler to let out water and air to come in when it is necessary.

Identifying A Hot Water Boiler Problem

Before you can start identifying potential problems, you need to know what sorts of problems can happen. Since the boiler has few mechanical parts, it can run reliably for years and years on end. The common problems actually happen with the attached expansion tank. You will know there is a problem when the hot water heater system produces little to no heat, and with that leaks can happen. The pipes may clang against each other. If the boiler is not producing heat then turn the thermostat up and check all the parts and the water level. If it is not producing enough heat, check the gauge and the expansion tank. If the pipes are clanging against each other, check to make sure that the lines are aligned correctly. The pipes have to slope towards the boiler to function right. Now that you know some about the problems that can happen, the next section will talk about how to fix a boiler.

Steps To Fixing A Hot Water Boiler

This section will talk about the steps on how to fix a boiler. First you need to gather screwdrivers and pipe wrenches to be able to do basic repairs. Most parts for boilers are available from direct plumbing retail providers. First off you’ll need to troubleshoot the expansion tank. Start by checking the pressure valve. If water is leaking out of it, there isn’t enough air, and too much water in the tank. The lower half of the tank should be hotter than the upper half however, if the upper half is as warm as the lower half then the tank needs bleeding. You’ll need to connect a piece of hose to the purge valve on the tank and let at least 5 gallons and no more than 10 gallons of water to drain out. Once that is done, set all valves back to their normal setting and turn on the boiler. Look at the pressure of the system again and everything should be right.

If the problem still persists, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals for help. Now to know how to flush a hot water boiler of rusted water. First shut off the power and open up the drain and air vents manually or otherwise. Let the water drain until it runs clear. Close the drain up and watch as the pressure increases to 20 psi. Lastly, bleed each of your radiators until they reach the same 20 psi pressure. Let the water drain off. Keep in mind that if the water pressure is below 12 psi, increase the amount of water in the tank.


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To wrap up what has been discussed above, I talked about how a boiler works, how to identify different problems that can occur, and how to fix your boiler. If you have any questions after reading the above information, please give our professionals a call and we’ll be glad to help you out. Best Plumbers Perth is experienced and knowledgeable in all sorts of hot water repairs as well as shower repairs and any other plumbing issues you may have.