How To Fix Leaking Taps

When your taps stop working, there could be a number of things wrong with them. However, I’m going to be covering the basics of dripping taps plumbing. I’m going to be discussing how to fix leaking tap.

  1. causes of a leaking tap
  2. how to fix the problem

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Causes Of A Leaking Tap

When you are researching how to repair taps, it may cross your mind to wonder what causes this sort of problem. There are 4 different causes of broken or leaking taps. There could be damaged parts, a worn out cartridge, there may not be enough water pressure, or the plumbing may be broken.

Having damaged parts is the commonly occurring problem. If you have a steady drip, then it means you will need to put in a new washer in the tap. The seal in compression faucets are under a lot of pressure to stop the water flow and so if you have a leak the seal is most likely damaged. For the other types of faucets, you’ll want to look at all their parts to see which aren’t working correctly.

To fix a leak in the faucets that have cartridges in them, you’ll need to replace the cartridge itself. Make sure to check that the replacement will fit exactly in the faucet.

Now the water pressure may be an issue if notice the faucet acting up during particular times during the day. If this is occurring then the pressure of the water might be too high. Having high enough water pressure can cause a pipe to back up enough to leak out in another location. It is recommended to reduce your water pressure otherwise leaving it as is, will lead to more serious issues that will require help from your local plumber. Another cause may be that you have a broken pipe somewhere along the water pipe, which will probably require professional intervention.

How To Fix The Problem

Knowing the problem is nice, but what you really want to know is how to fix taps that are leaking. You may want to just call on the Best Plumbers Perth or try fixing the problem yourself. First you will need to turn off the water source to the tap. Once the water is turned off, open the faucet, which releases the water pressure. There are two common types of faucets: washer and ceramic. A washer faucet has the cold and hot water taps that turn either counter clockwise and clockwise. A ceramic faucet has a lever that pulls up and turns for either hot or cold water.

Remove the cover of the faucet, which usually is made of plastic. This cover hides a few screws that you’ll need to unscrew.  Keep in mind that you need to remember the order that the screws are removed in order to replace them later.

Hotline: (08) 7099 0536

To remove a washer faucet you’ll need a crescent wrench. Proceed to remove all screws and nuts until you find the black rubber washers. To save some time you may need to take the faucet and the washers to your local professional store and get assistance to make sure you get the right replacements for the worn out washers only if you don’t have replacements. Once you have replaced the washers, go ahead and put the faucet back together. Turn the water source back on and turn on the tap. It should work correctly and not be leaking anymore.

Unlike washer faucets, ceramic taps are slightly more difficult to fix. The part that will need replacing is the canister, it is around the size of a tube of lipstick. The canister piece will need a special tool to take off, which is included when you purchase a new canister. Take note of the make and model of the canister and head to the hardware store to purchase a replacement canister piece. The installation of the new canister is the same process as the uninstallation. Test the faucet to make sure it works. Now you know the difference between the two types of faucets, and how to fix taps that are leaking.

Now you have some information about how to fix taps that specifically leak. But if you think the problem is too much for you to handle, don’t hesitate to call on the experts. Best Plumbers Perth is always ready and available to help you fix your leaking taps or any tap problems you may have. We also offer a wide variety of services from residential and commercial plumbing to kitchen and bathroom plumbing.



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