Advice on How to Unblock a Drain

If you have a blocked drain in your sink then you’ll want to get that fixed. A clogged drain makes using your kitchen nearly impossible so it’s a job you’ll want done quickly to. The fastest way to get it unblock a drain is to know how to unblock a drain yourself. So here are some advice on how to go and do that:

  1. Check the Sink
  2. Check the Pipes
  3. Other solutions


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Check the Sink

The first tip on how to unclog a drain is to check the sink. By this we mean that you will want to clear out anything in the bowl of the sink and check the opening to the drain for anything clogging passage. If you have a garbage disposal in the sink and have cleared the sink and top of the drain then you can run water and run the garbage disposal for a few seconds. If this seems to have dislodged anything you can run the garbage disposal a few more times with the water running, otherwise turn the water off and proceed to the next step.

Check the Pipes

The next method on how to clear up a blocked drain is to check the pipes. Under the sink there will be the drain pipe leading away from the sink, This will have a removable section. You will want a large bucket to catch water caught behind the blockage and to lay down a towel to catch anything that splashes.

Next you will use a wrench to undo the removable section of pipe, making sure to have the bucket underneath. Run a coat hanger through the removed section of pipe to dislodge any blockage.

Next use the same coat hanger to attempt to dislodge any blockage from the two now exposed pipe openings. Now that that has been removed you can install the section of pipe you took out making sure to use the wrench until the connections are snug. You can also keep the bucket underneath and run the water a little to check that it’s not leaking after you’ve reinstalled it and to check that the drain has been unblocked.

Other Solutions

If neither of those options work, here are some other methods for unblocking drains. You can buy a fluid from a general store for problems with blocked drains and these can be good to use every few months to prevent build over time. If none of those options work though it might be best to hire a professional plumber to fix te issue because it means the clog is likely deep in the pipes of your home and difficult to narrow down and remove by yourself without their equipment and experience.


Hotline: (08) 7099 0536


Now you know a little more about how to unblock a drain. We talked about clearing it from the top of the sink, what to do under the sink, and what to look at for options if neither of those work, so now you should be a little better prepared if you get a clog in the drain of your sink at home. Knowing how to unblock a drain is never a problem with Best Plumbers Perth.