Types of Showers and Faucets: Which One to Buy

When you’re wanting to buy a new shower and you just don’t know which shower to buy, here is some useful information to keep in mind. There are a few things to remember to get the most use out of your shower.

  1. Types of showers
  2. Types of faucets
  3. Finishes of the faucets


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Types of Showers

Before you can decide which shower to buy you should know that there are a few types of showers that have different features to choose from. These types are mixer, power and digital and electric showers. When choosing the best option, you might also want to consider which type is more manageable when doing DIY shower repairs.

A mixer shower is your standard shower which takes both hot and cold water to get your ideal temperature. A power shower is like a mixer but it has a built in pump which increases the flow of water. With a digital shower the temperature and water flow is able to be controlled better. The electric shower works by taking cold water from your main water system and heats it with built in heating parts. There are a few features that you are able to add to personalize your electric shower. There are features that let you control your ideal temperature and set the water to it. There is a water saving one that once turned on it will run your shower to your set ideal temperature and then turn off the water until you’re ready for it.

Types Of Faucets

When you’re deciding which shower to buy keep in mind the different types of faucets and how they are mounted. Faucets for a bath have 3 different ways they can be mounted. There is the wall mount, freestanding, or deck-mount. The wall mount are installed using pre drilled holes above the bath tub. When your tub and shower are one in the same fixture this mount is the most common. There are freestanding mounts which are used on tubs that don’t have pre drilled holes. This tub is completely separate from the wall, like the claw foot tubs. The faucet can be placed at either end of the tub, based on preference. The deck mount is similar to the wall mounted one except this one is mounted to the tub itself. Shower faucets are commonly wall mounted but it can be tub mounted for the shower/tub combinations.


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Finishes of the Faucets

When you’re deciding which shower to buy keep in mind what you want your faucet to be made of and which color best goes with your bathroom decorations. Faucets for the shower are typically made of brass for the plumbing parts and zinc and brass for what you can see. Brass is the best for longevity and it has the best durability however it is more expensive.

There is also chrome which is durable, more economical and is super easy to clean. It doesn’t rust as easily but watermarks will show. Chrome is a silvery color.

There is the nickel finish which looks good, is durable, easy to clean and is resistant to scratching and discoloration. Nickel is a tan color. You can mix colors for a combination of the finishes. Brass faucets are a shiny gold color and are resistant to damage and wear. Lastly, there is bronze which has a rusty color and is resistant to scratches, rust and discoloration.

When you’re looking for which shower to buy you should keep those points in mind to help pick the best shower/tub for your household. You can always ask a professional or in store representative for advice. Give Best Plumbers Perth a call and we’ll be glad to help you out. We are expert in all things plumbing from hot water repairs and installation to shower repairs to kitchen plumbing.


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